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How do you pronounce Ch-Yo-Ca?

Chee  -  Oh  -  Kuh

What are the age requirements?

Summer staff must be between the ages of 18-24.

How long do summer staff work at camp?

Staff members must commit to one week of staff training and eight weeks of camp for nine weeks total. Staff may request two weeks off that can be taken together or separately. Off weeks must be approved prior to May.

What are the rules?

Policy & Procedures 

What is expected outside of the rules?

Culture & Programs

How do I know when I am hired?

All interviews and hiring are completed by early February. Applicants will receive an employment offer or no-hire notification letter by March 1st.

Is Camp Ch-Yo-Ca the right camp for me?

If you love Jesus, fun, and kids then this is the right camp for you! We have an easy going program that focuses on classic summer camp games, Biblical teaching, worship, and the outdoors.

Are there other positions besides counselor?

Yes. There are eight teams: Counselors, Media, Programs, Activities, Office, Maintenance, and Kitchen. All staff are hired for a "base team" and then rotated as needed.

What is the pay?

$200 a week. 

How do I apply?

First read the Process page then click the blue APPLICATION button at the top of the page.

How do staff get there?

Staff are responsible for their own transportation. The nearest airport is Monroe, LA (MLU). We are happy to help make a plan if needed.

Where do staff stay on the weekends?

All staff stay on the campground on the weekends when staying in town. Staff can check out if going on weekend trips.

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