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The internship application is the same as any positions. Refer to the PROCESS page to apply. Each internship program is created uniquely for each intern. Every school has different requirements and every intern has a different skills they would like to learn and use. We are able to meet the guidelines (of most schools) for many different programs including: media, photography, communications, marketing, business, sports management, coaching, worship, sound, youth minister, pastoral ministry, and summer camp ministry. Email us your requirements after filling out an application, and we will let you know if we can meet them. 



Interns work as an assistant to the Media Team Lead who oversees photography, videography, editing and social media posting, and the Christian Youth Camp Podcast. You will be trained to and expected to take photos, videos, record audio, edit YouTube videos, edit photos, create basic graphic designs, post on social media, and set up equipment.



The Worship Intern is expected to prepare and lead worship nightly for the campers. They will work with the Worship leader to plan sets and music for activities.



This program is suited for those in Youth Ministry, Pastoring, Biblical Studies, or Camp Ministry. The interns will work with the Programs and Activities teams to to host morning Bible. devotionals, and organize small groups. They prepare music, skits, decorations, lights, and props fo big night time activities. They lead the games, and events.



The Kitchen Team prepare meals and snacks. A summer staff members role in the kitchen is to help the cooks prepare, serve, and clean.



The Office Team is doing all things paper, organization, and assisting. They will organize mail, make sure all Bible teachers have materials, keep track of staff and campers checking in and checking out, organizing lost and found, help with laundry, and help set up for theme nights.



The Worship Team prepares and leads worship nightly for the campers. They also work with the Programs team to plan acoustic sets and music for activities.


Art and Crafts

The Arts and Crafts Team teach art classes to the campers, work with the other teams to prepare props, and supervises the art and craft electives.

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