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Click the blue APPLICATION to submit an application through Campminder.


Submit an Essay following the guidelines below.


You will contacted to schedule your first of three interviews either over the phone or in person. 

The application takes about 20 minutes. It will be very helpful for you to have this list prepared in advance:

  • drivers license,

  • social security number 

  • school year address 

  • parents address

  • GPA 

  • previous employers' phone numbers and email

  • requested off weeks.

You will also need to provide three references. These reference may be previous employers, pastors, professors, leaders, or mentors. It is helpful to ask them and to gather their phone number and email before beginning the application.

Instruction for submission will be sent when you complete your application. 

The format: word document or pdf. Size 14 font. At least one paragraph is expected in each section. You may write as needed to sufficiently answer the questions.

In your essay you will be answering three question:

  1. How has Jesus shaped your life?

  2. Why do you want to work at Camp Ch-Yo-Ca this summer?

  3. What are your future goals?

Be open and honest in your essay. We want you to have the best summer possible and the more information we know the better we can position you to succeed.

You will have three interviews before you are offered a position. The interview may be held over the phone, as a video call, or in person if possible. You may receive a no-hire  notification after any step.

Interview 1 will be a causal interview with a returning staff member. The goal is to determine if you will succeed in the culture of camp.

Interview 2 will be with the person who will be your team leader for the summer. If you are applying for multiple teams then you may have interviews with each leader. The goal is to determine if you will succeed in your role.

Interview 3 will be with John Luke, the executive director. He will make the final call for all hired staff.

We are so excited to meet you and hopefully work with you!

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