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All summer staff members are hired for a Base Team. Your Base Team is the primary position you will be serving in for the summer. Nearly everyone is hired will be a Counselor. Throughout the summer you will be rotated to other teams as the need arise. In a typical summer you may expect to spend six weeks as a counselor and two weeks on another team. We do this to give staff to give staff a change of pace and to give them an opportunity to try something new.

Many of our team leaders never expected they would be suited for the positions they are in now and never would have known if they had not of been rotated into that position. Each position is unique with its own rewards and challenges. The part that remains the same is that each team is fulfilling the mission of helping campers grow closer to Christ and each other. 

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Counselors live with, supervise, instruct, serve, and generally be responsible for campers They are role models, friends, teachers, spiritual leaders, organizers, rule keepers, and energy setters.



Day Camp Counselors have the same roles as counselors for the 4-7 year olds. These campers arrive in the morning and leave before dinner.



The Activities Team is responsible for everything the campers participate in. They make sure all of the sports areas are prepared, the counselors at the electives know what they are doing, the tournaments are ran efficiently, and preparing the field and lake for activities.



The Media Team includes photography, videography, editing and social media posting. The Media Team also host the Christian Youth Camp Podcast. Individuals are expected to have their own camera, and previous experience in the area they are hired for.



The Maintenance Crew responsibilities include keeping the main area clean, keeping water jugs filled, cleaning the Bath Houses, cleaning all bathrooms, cleaning the pool area, helping in the kitchen, trash, special projects that camp may be working on at the time, help prepare for theme nights, help set up the night time activity, and cleaning up night time activities.



The Programs Team is responsible for the things the campers experience. They host morning Bible. devotionals, and organize small groups. They prepare music, skits, decorations, lights, and props fo big night time activities.



The Kitchen Team prepare meals and snacks. A summer staff members role in the kitchen is to help the cooks prepare, serve, and clean.



The Office Team is doing all things paper, organization, and assisting. They will organize mail, make sure all Bible teachers have materials, keep track of staff and campers checking in and checking out, organizing lost and found, help with laundry, and help set up for theme nights.



The Worship Team prepares and leads worship nightly for the campers. They also work with the Programs team to plan acoustic sets and music for activities.


Art and Crafts

The Arts and Crafts Team teach art classes to the campers, work with the other teams to prepare props, and supervises the art and craft electives.

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